Harmony Horsemanship Meet Ups

Harmony Horsemanship meet ups are a chance to share education and inspiration. These are events where HH Instructors gather to put on demonstrations for HH students.

What does a HH Meet Up look like?

  • It's going to vary depending on the location. Most of them will be one day events featuring different HH Instructors. The demonstrations might include some ground play and riding musical freestyles, educational demonstrations on different topics, or even include some students with their own horses to show you how to move through different exercises or help with certain topics.

Where will be they held?

  • We promise to host at least one event each year in both Canada and the USA. Depending on attendance, where our members live, and host availability will depend on how many and where. You can bet that there will probably always be 1 meet up in Vermont at vice president Melissa Ellis's facility and 1 meet up in Ontario at president Lindsey Partridge's facility.
  • If you have a facility with an indoor arena and would like to host a meet up, please contact us at [email protected]

How will we know about HH meet ups?

  • We will add the events to the www.HarmonyHorsemanship.ca events page and will likely post them to Facebook.

Are they really Free?

  • Yes the meet ups are free for current members to attend. When you get to the event there may be other items for purchase like food and HH equipment and swag.

Will the Meet Ups be different?

  • Yes the meet ups will have different topics and different HH Instructors - we hope to see you at more than 1!