Learn 3 SECRETS to training at Liberty without chasing, whips or round pens!

Our online Masterclass will reveal the EASIER and FASTER Liberty training method to help you accomplish your dream of experiencing the freedom & connection of liberty with your horse in open spaces.

EVEN if you're new to liberty,
Are a beginner in groundwork with horses, or
have struggled in the past with liberty.

Watch Elysia and Lindsey experiencing liberty on the beach in just 6 weeks

Do you dream of liberty with your horse in open spaces?

Do you want to discover liberty without chasing, whips, or a round pen?

Join our LIVE online masterclass with Lindsey Partridge, a global leader in equine relationships trusted by Professional & Olympic riders

3 Secrets to Liberty Masterclass Includes...

✔Learn 3 ESSENTIAL, PROVEN, and UNIQUE tips to succeed at liberty

Discover 6 different Join Up Games that don't involve chasing or a round pen

The #1 cue to teach your horse so you can refocus and connect with your horse at liberty

The #1 mistake that most people do at liberty and what you can do instead to succeed at liberty

✔Ability to ask your questions & customize your learning through the masterclass

✔Gain access to the replay

✔Enjoy exclusive discounts to further learning

*the event will be about 2hrs

What is Harmony Horsemanship?

Founded by Lindsey Partridge in fall of 2015, Harmony Horsemanship was developed using decades of experience, reviewing evidence based training methods & practice with Thoroughbred & Mustang makeovers.

Harmony Horsemanship inspires you to do more with less - using fewer tools, passive leadership, & positive reinforcement with the goal to teach you how to understand yourself, your horse & the language that connects you

Harmony Horsemanship is for everyone from the beginner to professional, in all disciplines

Our goal is to inspire you to do more with less

Who Is Lindsey Partridge?

Lindsey Partridge is a global leader in equine relationships, trusted by Professional & Olympic riders

Lindsey is the founder of Harmony Horsemanship™.

She is...

  • multiple time international champion at both Thoroughbred & Mustang makeovers, 
  • a horse trainer for feature films (such as Unbridled, &
  • holds many international titles for western & jumping disciplines.

She has been called ‘Canada’s Horse Whisperer’ by the Toronto Star and ‘The Queen of Thoroughbreds’ by The Rider.

She is a Horse Human Relationship Expert

What Our Students Have to Share...

Even a Pro Can Learn More

"...My first experience with Lindsey Partridge and Harmony Horsemanship was last spring when I took her Harmony at Liberty course. I really like it...Then did the Advanced Liberty course and learned so much more!..." Ryan Bukley

Miracle Alert!

"...I’m so glad I enrolled in the Building Confidence course at the same time as the Liberty one, I think the mix of the two courses is the perfect match for us. Thank you Lindsey for this great Academy!!!" Nadia Lafontaine

Liberty Training as a Family

"We are doing the harmony liberty together as a family with our mares. Our girls are so focused on us that even having all 3 of us in the arena together doesn't distract them. It's amazing to see everyone working so well together! Our horses are loving this course!" Laura Clinton

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