The Perfect Partner for Training!

For years you have been asking & the Harmony Horsemanship Book has finally arrived.

The Harmony Horsemanship Book contains all of the important information you need while training.

It is made in an easy to use spiral bound format, with clear cover protectors.

What's Inside?

  • Step by Step instructions & visual diagrams for all 6 Calm Connection Exercises ground & riding
  • Includes all information on the Understand Yourself, Your Horse & The Language the Connects You principles
  • Step by Step instructions & visual diagrams for all 8 ABC's
  • A welcome letter from Lindsey
  • Full colour photos
  • Head to Hoof Assessment Chart
  • 13 Chapters, 38 pages
  • And so much more!

Lindsey in Your Pocket

A very practical guide that you can keep at the barn. It’s like having a little bit of Lindsey with you everyday! - Nadia Lafontaine🥰♥️

Pictures to Guide You

Love the new book, all the pictures help visualize the exercises - Melissa Gibson😁

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