The Long Lining Course is finally here!

Just in time for the holiday season, we are happy to introduce the Long Lining package!

Which features the brand new Long Lining 101 Course & our amazing hand made Harmony Horsemanship Long Lines.

Course Outline:

  • Start with a friendly introduction to Long Lining, what it is and why we use it.
  • Next, learn how to safely and correctly attach the long lines to your horse.
  • Learn through the eyes of a horse & rider combo who are brand new to ling lining
  • Progress to a more experienced pair who will show you all 3 paces w/t/c along with figures
  • As always, you get lifetime access to this course

Included in the Package:

  • Brand new Long Lining Online Course (retails for $139.99 CAD)
  • A set of 2 hand made Harmony Horsemanship long lines in your choice of colour ( retails for $92 CAD & Shipping $20 CAD)

A total value of $251.99 for only $199.99

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