What can I expect as a member?

Thank you for choosing to be a Harmony Horsemanship (HH) Member. We know there are many horse training programs and we are honoured that you see the value in Harmony Horsemanship.

The HH Membership program was created in 2019 & we strive to continue to add new features & benefits to the program each year. We would sincerely like to hear your feedback or suggestions on the HH Membership program.

You can comment on this page with your ideas of what you would like to see from Harmony Horsemanship in the future.

Our current membership benefits are:

  • Immediate access to the online Harmony Horsemanship Membership online course documents which outlines all there is to know about HH, Student Level Assessments & more
  • FREE or Discounted access to all Harmony Horsemanship Meet Ups
  • Access to participate in Virtual Horse Shows
  • Ability to apply for HH Student Level Assessments
  • Exclusive HH Member only discounts
  • Instant access to a 20% Discount coupon code to be used for one of our many online courses
  • Yearly HH Instructor & Student Videos
  • Automatic Annual Enrollment (Our membership will automatically renew annually on the same date of enrollment until cancelled)

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Our sincerest thanks,

Lindsey Partridge - founder and president of Harmony Horsemanship Inc.

Melissa Ellis - vice president of Harmony Horsemanship Inc.

Board Members:

Mary Elena, Kim, Deanna, Shelley, Melissa G, Jan, Sherri, Anbi, Sabrina, and Olivia.