"Managing a reactive or pushy horse can feel like a daunting task"

Transform the Partnership with your Horse

❌ No hefty in-person training fees

❌ No frustration of watching someone else succeed where you struggle.

✅ Learn how to excel with your horse, on your terms.

Common challenges in horse human partnerships:

🏃Hard to catch

🐎Fidgety in your presence.

😌Won't relax.

📶Won't stand still for mounting (without someone else holding them for you).

🎈Spooks or startles at new things.

🐎Gets frustrated learning new things.

We can help!

Discover a proven and step-by-step approach to building a better partnership with your horse, without the need for bribes, intimidation, or force.

🌎 Proven exercises from thousands of students around the globe from recreational to Olympic level riders.

Size does NOT matter

Our exercises aren't based on your:

  • size,
  • strength or
  • agility
  • We've had success with our program for young children through to senior adults.

What Students Have to Share

Learning for All Levels

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"...the whole experience has been just fabulous. She [Lindsey] is a wonderful teacher for both horses & people, I love her kind, calm but no nonsense style . I have learned heaps while having a lot of fun. Doesn’t matter if you are completely green or have a lifetime of experience, you will walk away, beaming, with bags full of new skills" Annie P.

Long Term Success

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"...Always approachable & treats everyone with respect. Exceptional horse training information shared with clear & obvious passion for treating the horses with respect and understanding to promote long term success. I love love the reward based systems for learning and training. Thank You Lindsey..." Dawn C.

From Mocked to Amazing

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Thank you for creating a space where I knew this was easily achievable, even though I was initially mocked for thinking it was possible 💕" Amber Thibodeau

💡 Course Highlights:

Lifetime Access: Revisit the course whenever you want.

Lunging Demystified: Avoid the disconnect that often happens and how to start.

7 Days of New Exercises: Designed to transform your partnership (but you can go at your own pace and take longer if you like).

4 Calm Connection Exercises: Establish both passive leadership and relaxation so your horse feels safe and ready to learn.

3 Building Confidence Exercises: start creating trust with your trust.

Introduction to Riding in Harmony: Foundational steps for a safer and more connected ride.

Introduction to Harmony at Liberty: Learn the first steps to having no tools at all for a stronger partnership.

Learn with a Halter and Lead Rope - No Whips or Round Pen needed: Learn to do more with less.

🎁 Bonus Level 1 Checklist: Optional skills checklist, video Level 1 feedback assessment, and progress towards a truly incredible partnership.
🎁 Bonus Masterclass: The 4 Reasons your Horse Says No, and How to Help them Say Yes.

🌐 Harmony Horsemanship - For Everyone, From Recreational to Professional

Founded in 2015, Harmony Horsemanship combines Lindsey's personal experience, evidence-based training methods, and a passion for inspiring others. Our goal is to guide you to understand yourself, your horse, and the language that connects you.

👑 Who is Lindsey Partridge?

  • Lindsey, a global leader in equine relationships
  • trusted by professional and Olympic riders alike
  • Equine Canada Competition Coach in both Western and English
  • Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor
  • Multiple time Mustang and Thoroughbred Makeover Champion
  • International Champion.
  • Horse Trainer for feature films including Autumn Stables and Unbridled.

It's Time to Transform your Partnership

🎬 Instant Access to a guided 7 days of Learning Videos - it's like having 7 separate lesson days with Lindsey with the convenience of being at home and having unlimited access to review

💰More affordable than the cost of a regular lesson - and you can rewatch videos at any time.

It's Time to Rethink What's Possible - Let Harmony Horsemanship Transform Your Equine Partnership!

👉 Join us on a journey to a better partnership with your horse! 🐴✨

✅ Help your horse be a calm and trusting partner

❌ NO hefty in-person training fees

❌ NO frustration of watching someone else succeed where you struggle.

✅ Learn how to excel with your horse, on your terms.

🌟 Highlights

✔️Easy to follow format

✔️Clear, concise, and simple

✔️Practical techniques

✔️Real-world scenarios

✔️Proven methods

✔️ Loved by hundreds of students

✅PLUS, the Bonus Student Level Checklists

✅PLUS, the Bonus Masterclass on "4 Reasons Your Horse Says No and How to Help them Say Yes"

🐎Gain unlimited access

Allowing you to revisit and reinforce your learning whenever the need arises.

💥Value: 7 Lesson Days $525

🌟 Special Introductory offer $37.99

✅ Less than the cost of a regular lesson.

⏰This limited-time offer is available only while this page is active – seize the opportunity before it's gone.

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