Refund Policy

We work hard at Harmony Horsemanship to provide clear & informative courses to assist you with your equine needs.

All of our Guided Courses (Harmony at Liberty, Advanced Harmony at Liberty, Becoming the Centre of Your Horses Universe, Bridleless Riding Made Simple & Building Confidence) come with a 10 day satisfaction policy from the date of purchase.

Within this policy students are required to give the course a chance by watching the videos and allowing for support from Lindsey. This may include participating in virtual coaching, providing video(s) of the concern and allowing Lindsey an opportunity to help coach you through the situation. This may require filming a 2nd video implementing the coaching advice.

Note we do not provide refunds for situations we cannot help with; for example if your horse goes lame , you become sick, your facility doesn't want you to use the exercises, etc. Since all of our courses provide lifetime access you can resume the course when a better time for you.

If we feel our policy terms have been met and you are still not satisfied with the course you will receive a refund within 10 days of the time of purchase.

All other courses are non-refundable.