"Handling a spooky horse can seem like walking through a minefield."

We teach you how to help your horse be confident in themselves and in you WITHOUT:

❌ Force and Intimidation

❌ Provoking your horse to dangerous behaviour

❌ Frustrating you that your trainer can excel with your horse but you can't

❌ Endless private lessons that break the bank

How we Help

✅ Step-by-step exercises you can start TODAY

✅ Expert advice from certified coach and international champion Lindsey Partridge

✅ Unlimited and Instant Access to get started

✅Biweekly live videos for question and answer support

✅Video Feedback (film yourself and get personalized support)

✅ Guided new content over 12 weeks with different exercises to gradually build your horse's confidence

✅ Access to an online support group to share successes, challenges, and support learning

What other Students Have to Say about the Course

A Great Academy

"I’m so glad I enrolled in the Building Confidence Course at the same time as the Liberty one, I think the mix of the two courses is the perfect match for us. Thank you Lindsey for this great Academy!!!" Nadia Lafontaine

Nervous to Focused Energy

I'm so beyond over the moon with this mare and the trust that we have been cultivating…She's totally mastering the different methods and I love that in combination with the Building Confidence Course, she has shifted from using her nervous energy to now using that energy to focus on me…I'm so thrilled that she trusts me enough to make herself vulnerable…” Cassie Fraser Lagrow

Confident Super Star

Finally a program that helped me help my horse to find calm...it was fun teaching/learning other skills together, and building confidence. Just one month after starting the Harmony Horsemanship program...she was a super star - not one spook...I am so glad I found Harmony Horsemanship" Jan Jennings

Does Your Horse Struggle with Confidence Issues?

🌟 Why our Building Confidence Course?

  • Building confidence for both you and your horse is essential.
  • Confidence takes time to develop but can vanish quickly.

Addressing spooking issues, such as fear of plastic bags or unexpected noises, is a frequent challenge.

Key Concepts Taught in Our Course:

  • Understanding Confidence: Learn the different types, understand thresholds, and research based methods to support your horse learning to trust and be confident.
  • Exercises for Building Confidence: Explore proven exercises and games for gradually building your horse's confidence.
  • Overcoming Setbacks: Gain strategies for bouncing back from setbacks and regaining confidence after challenging experiences.

How can we help our horses feel confident?

❌ Punishing your horse for being scared can lead to more emotions and provoke them to dangerous fight or flight outbursts.

❌ Using forceful dominance tactics can cause a horse to feel overwhelmed and lose trust and connection with you.

✅ Teaching your horse to self regulate and emotional control helps them manage their emotions and feel calm and relaxed.

✅ Conditioning your horse's response prevents a stressful response and replaces it with relaxation, joy, or play.

✅ Positive Reinforcement helps boost motivation and increase training effectiveness.

We show you how, step-by-step with a guided 12 weeks of new exercises to try - that you have unlimited access to and can come back to review and retry when works for you.

Our Building Confidence Course Includes:

✅ 12 Week Guided Course

✅ Lifetime Access to Videos & Content

✅ 42 Training Videos with over 300 Minutes of Instruction

✅ Private Building Confidence Facebook Group

✅ Address these issues: herd bound behaviour, going over or between objects, handling distractions, spooking while trail riding & many more

✅ Submit 2 of your own videos for personalized training feedback from Lindsey

✅ Bi Weekly Live Video chats with Lindsey

✅ Suitable for all ages, breeds & disciplines

Why learn from Lindsey Partridge and Harmony Horsemanship?

Lindsey is a Horse Human Relationship Expert and the founder of Harmony Horsemanship.

  • Multiple time international champion at both Thoroughbred and Mustang makeovers
  • Horse trainer for feature films (including Unbridled and Autumn Stables)
  • holds many international titles for western & jumping disciplines


Lindsey Partridge is a global leader in equine relationships, trusted by recreational, professional and Olympic riders


🍁 Certified as a Competition Coach for both English and Western from Equine Canada

🐎 Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor.

✅ Help your horse be a calm and trusting partner

❌ NO hefty in-person training fees

❌ NO frustration of watching someone else succeed where you struggle.

✅ Learn how to excel with your horse, on your terms.

🌟 Highlights

✔️Easy to follow format

✔️Clear, concise, and simple

✔️Practical techniques

✔️Real-world scenarios

✔️Proven methods

✔️ Loved by hundreds of students

🐎Gain unlimited access

Allowing you to revisit and reinforce your learning whenever the need arises.

🌟Topics inside:

🐴 Establishing calm connection

🐴 Staying connected during distractions

🐴 Touch it game for objects you need to approach

🐴 All around game for objects you need to get close to but can't face or touch (like a bird, crowd with applause, etc)

🐴 Herd confidence for being around other horses, or other horses leaving

🐴 Teaching your horse to go over and through things like water and bridges

🐴 Teaching your horse to be brave with flags and drags

Access 12 weeks of guided exercises

43 individual lesson topics

(43x $40 Value $1720)

2 Personalized Video Feedback

( $50x 2 Value $100)

Biweekly Live Videos that continue for as long as we keep running our courses (we plan on many more years to come!)

(Value $480/year)

💥Value $2300

Less than the cost of a private lesson per week for the 12 weeks.

A total savings of $1,523

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