Harmony at Liberty

Discover our unique NO TOOLS techniques to training your horse at Liberty without chasing, whips or round pens!

My name is Lindsey Partridge & in the past I couldn't do liberty in open spaces or out of the round pen. I couldn't get my horses to focus & do certain exercises at liberty.

I was concerned the traditional methods of chasing made me a bully & it left me feeling as if my entire relationship with my horses at Liberty was forced & intimidating.

I spent years struggling - and then I decided to throw all of the traditional methods out the window!

I started actually listening to my horses and watching how they interact with each other. Along with equine behaviour & science backed information, I began developing my own training methods.

I took away all the tools, no whips, no chasing, no forcing.

I was amazed at how this new mindset completely changed my relationship with my horses!

I went from barely functioning at home, to winning world championships.

Now, I want to share all of my methods with you. Let's learn to do more, with less, together.

We Understand Everyone is Busy

The Harmony Horsemanship Program is designed for the busy equestrian in mind. If you are tight on time, two 30 minute sessions a week is all you need to stay on track!

Ding Ding, It's Training Time!

With our email reminders, checklists, progression bars and more, we strive to keep you motivated & goal oriented 💪

Choose What Works Best For YOU

With our guided courses you can choose to follow along with the structure or do it at your own pace.

Weekly emails are sent out with the newly released content for you to start with, or hit that snooze button & view it later.

All of the content, including the live chats, are lifetime access.

Can't make the chat? Just ask your questions ahead of time & view the replay with it is convenient for you!

The Harmony at Liberty Course Includes:

 12 Weeks of Step by Step Instructions

Lifetime access to all course content

Bi Weekly LIVE Video Chats with Lindsey

 Life time access to our Harmony at Liberty Students Only Facebook Group & LIVE video chats

✔ How to use positive reinforcement & passive leadership

✔ Develop your observation & reading equine body language

✔ 6 unique join up games that don't involve chasing

✔ 4 exercises that build draw (your horse wanting to be with you)

✔ 8 ABC exercises to develop a language

✔ Tips for continued progress including the 3 S’s

Downloadable / printable check lists to keep you on track

✔ BONUS: 2 video submissions for one on one coaching feedback

Our Students Success Stories
A Program For All Breeds

It's my first year being a Harmony student, and I've learned so much! Here is my fur baby Lulu enjoying her scratches and working on Liberty. Mini's are the best and we loved our goals and work in the ground portion…Can't wait for next year! - Candace Kru💕

A New Perspective

Lindsey's trainings have quite literally changed my entire perspective on how I work with horses. I started with Harmony at Liberty at the beginning of the year to build connection with my mare Annie..this is a thank you to Lindsey for sharing your knowledge in an incredibly accessible and easy to understand way! You're giving people the tools to help themselves and their horses in a positive, connection based way. I know you're making such a needed difference in the horse world and Annie and I can't thank you enough. - Cassie Fraser Lagrow

For The Whole Family

We are doing the Harmony Liberty together as a family with our mares. Our girls are so focused on us that even having all 3 of us in the arena together doesn't distract them. It's amazing to see everyone working so well together! Our horses are loving this course! 20 min or 45 min. They never want to stop. We tire out before they do! I'm so glad we decided to do this this winter. - Laura Clinton

Choose a Pricing Option

  • Over 450 minutes of instructions
  • 35+ training videos
  • 12 weeks of course content
  • Lifetime access to all content

All for less than the cost of one private lesson per week!

We currently offer this course in both USD & CDN Currencies.

There is also a 3 month payment plan available for each currency.

Please select the one that suits your needs best.