Earn your Harmony Horsemanship Level 1 Certificate

Why should you earn your Harmony Horsemanship Levels?

✅  Earn your Harmony Horsemanship Levels to qualify to become a Harmony Horsemanship Instructor

✅  Get a free Harmony Horsemanship gift as you pass each level, branded with the Harmony Horsemanship logo & level passed

✅  Earn an official certificate for each level passed

✅  Builds a strong equestrian foundation to help prepare you for any equestrian path

✅  Equips you with progressive goals

✅  Offers students who may not have a local Harmony Horsemanship Instructor the opportunity for written feedback on your training

✅  Provides students with instruction & assistance on developing your skills

✅  Celebrate success and progress within our community

Level 1 Testing Prerequisites

Mandatory Prerequisites

  • A Current Harmony Horsemanship Membership

(If you do not already have a Harmony Horsemanship Membership, you can purchase one on the checkout page)

Suggested Prerequisites

(these are not mandatory to test for your levels but are suggested courses to take to aid you in learning the skills required to pass level 1)

  • 7 Days to a Better Partnership
  • DeSpook Your Horse Mini Course
  • Passive Leadership Mini Course
  • Create a YES Horse Mini Course

Why do I need to have a Harmony Horsemanship Membership?

The Harmony Horsemanship Membership provides:

Access to all Harmony Horsemanship Student Levels testing study guides & training information including checklists, rubrics & videos to help you prepare to test

Membership is a requirement to test for Harmony Horsemanship Levels

Assists Harmony Horsemanship in maintaining the levels program & its features

Gain access to booking virtual lessons with Lindsey 

Access to exclusive training videos from Harmony Horsemanship Instructors

Exclusive access to the Harmony Horsemanship Level Testing Facebook Group

Admin fee is waived when participating in virtual horse shows

Help from our team connecting you with Harmony Horsemanship Instructors for training

Includes the Harmony Horsemanship Workbook, a 16 page downloadable goal setting workbook you can print as many times as you’d like

Free or discounted access to Harmony Horsemanship Meet Ups

Choose a Price Option

If you do not have a Harmony Horsemanship Membership, you can purchase one on the check out page.