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DeSpook Your Horse

Course Highlights Include:

✅ 5 Instant access training videos

✅ Learn the secrets to trailer loading

✅ Discover 4 myths of horse training & how they are actually making your horse more reactive & spooky

✅ Learn training techniques that empower your horse instead 

✅ Tips on training with "scary" objects

✅ Lifetime access to content and videos



Create a YES Horse

Course Highlights Include:

✅ Learn the difference between positive & negative reinforcement vs punishment & WHY that matters...

✅ Learn when it's best to use positive reinforcement vs negative reinforcement

✅ Our 8 ABC's training skills which can be used on the ground or in the saddle

Learn the different between reinforcement and punishment and WHY that matters

✅ Lifetime access to content and videos


Passive Leadership

Course Highlights Include:

Learn what Passive Leadership is and why it is so important

Understand quadrants & drivelines

Learn how to establish passive leadership through exercises including quadrants and square exercises

✅ Lunging tips

Lifetime access to content and videos


In this Course Package You Receive:

A Total of 18 Training Videos

with Over 180 Minutes of Instruction!

PLUS the Bonus Masterclass

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My Horse Will Do Anything For Me!


"I saw proof this weekend about the benefits of building connection and trust with Harmony Horsemanship. I have been studying with HH for about a year now.

My mare had a vet check with lots of tests, including the terrifying plastic bag over the nose.

Whenever she became uneasy, she looked at me. I would tell her it was okay and when she relaxed, I used my ‘yes’ word. This happened about 3 times. Each time I said yes, she relaxed and lowered her head. She didn’t take a step for the entire time of the exam and vaccinations.

After the exam, she got her cookie.

I know this mare will do anything I ask because we have built trust.

It is both an honour and a great responsibility.

Thank you, Lindsey Partridge!"

Bev Montminy & Tulusa

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