"Working with a Reactive Horse can be a Nightmare"

We teach you how to help your horse be a calm and trusting partner

❌ WITHOUT spending thousands on in-person training... or

❌ Feeling frustrated because the trainer can do amazing with your horse, but you can't.

Start with exercises and simples changes you CAN make TODAY found in our Mini Course Bundle with Expert Instruction and Unlimited Access
😫 Are you tired of struggling with your horse?

🫸 Feeling like your horse isn't calm and ready to learn?

💭 Knowing your horse won't trust you in challenging situations?

We help you create a partnership, so your horse is:


🐴More connected to you

🐴 Willing to learn

Without force or intimidation.

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We're NOT a program relying on:




Instead Harmony Horsemanship is about learning to understand

❤️ Yourself

🐎 Your Horse

and the

🔤Language that Connects You


Our Mini Course Bundle is designed to be an incredible entry package that gives you both knowledge and exercises to start improving your partnership right away.


The Foundational Steps to Creating a Safe and Connected Partnership with your Horse Start with:

#1 Healthy Boundaries with Passive Leadership - learning to use quadrants and body language to establish healthy boundaries without a fight, chasing, or pushing each other around.

🥕 #2 Calm Connection and Motivation Exploration - learning to create a "Yes Horse" by understanding how to motivate your horse to try, without creating a cookie monster.

🐎#3 Build Trust Together - facing new challenges together can be scary and overwhelming. It's best to avoid the 4 common myths of training horses, and instead start with proven exercises that help build confidence by showing you and your horse you can be safe together.

What others have to say about using Harmony Horsemanship:

Bev Montminy


"I saw proof this weekend about the benefits of building connection and trust with Harmony Horsemanship. I have been studying with HH for about a year now.

My mare had a vet check with lots of tests, including the terrifying plastic bag over the nose.

Whenever she became uneasy, she looked at me. I would tell her it was okay and when she relaxed, I used my ‘yes’ word. This happened about 3 times. Each time I said yes, she relaxed and lowered her head. She didn’t take a step for the entire time of the exam and vaccinations.

I know this mare will do anything I ask because we have built trust.

Thank you, Lindsey Partridge!"

Kayla Clayton


"Ever since I was turned towards Harmony Horsemanship I have felt like I finally found my place. I love the approach it has with the horses and the connection I have built with my mare.

Thank you Lindsey!! It honestly touches me so much."

Ash Hiebert


"I TOOK MY HORSE TO THE BEACH! AND I CRIED THE WHOLE TIME. I never thought I'd own a horse and I never thought we'd go on adventures. But here we are! 2.5 years into horse life and having worked so hard on despooking and confidence that we trailered to the beach and explored this morning! My horse was waayyyyyyyy calmer then (other horses with other people on the trip)! (Others were) sweaty, veiny, pooping, and upset. My boy was cool and collected! By the end he was sniffing seaweed and tidal pools and just as happy as a clam! I'm so so so proud of the work we have done and the relationship we have built! Didn't get good pictures because we were having too much fun!"

🌟 What's Inside the Mini Course Bundle?

1: Passive Leadership

✅ Learn what Passive Leadership is and why it is so important.

✅The #1 equine relationship exercise that changes everything.

✅ Understand quadrants and drivelines.

✅ Learn how to establish passive leadership with specific exercises that we make clear and simple.

✅ Learn how passive leadership affects lunging and how to lunge while maintaining passive leadership.

2. Create a Yes Horse

✅ Learn the difference between positive and negative reinforcement vs punishment & WHY that matters.

✅ Understand when it's best to use positive reinforcement vs negative reinforcement.

✅ 8 ABC's as foundational skills which can be used on the ground and in the saddle

✅ Know what to do if your horse does something you don't like.

✅Understand the most important tips for using positive reinforcement to avoid cookie monster behaviour, and keep progress.

3. Despook your Horse

✅ 5 Instant access training videos

✅ Learn the tips to trailer loading

✅ Discover 4 myths of horse training and how they are actually making your horse more reactive and spooky

✅ Learn training techniques that empower your horse to trust you

✅ Tips on training with "scary" objects

Why learn from Lindsey Partridge?

Lindsey is a Horse Human Relationship Expert and the founder of Harmony Horsemanship.

  • Multiple time international champion at both Thoroughbred and Mustang makeovers
  • Horse trainer for feature films (including Unbridled and Autumn Stables)
  • holds many international titles for western & jumping disciplines


Lindsey Partridge is a global leader in equine relationships, trusted by recreational, professional and Olympic riders


🍁 Certified as a Competition Coach for both English and Western from Equine Canada

🐎 Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor.

✅ Help your horse be a calm and trusting partner

❌ NO hefty in-person training fees

❌ NO frustration of watching someone else succeed where you struggle.

✅ Learn how to excel with your horse, on your terms.

🌟 Highlights

✔️Easy to follow format

✔️Clear, concise, and simple

✔️Practical techniques

✔️Real-world scenarios

✔️Proven methods

✔️ Loved by thousands of students

💥PLUS, the Bonus Masterclass

  • "4 Reasons Your Horse Says No and How to Help them Say Yes" - explaining how to know why your horse is saying no, and how to turn that "no" into a "yes" without using force and intimidation tactics

🐎Gain unlimited access

Allowing you to revisit and reinforce your learning whenever the need arises.

🌟Extras inside:

🐴 Trailer Loading Mastery: reveals stress-free techniques for seamless loading, turning frustration into accomplishment.

🐴 4 Myths of Horse Training: that are actually creating spookier horses

🐴 The #1 Game Changer in creating a better partnership: passive leadership - the what, why, and how so your horse can feel safe with you leading to a better partnership without chasing or whips.

Access to ALL Mini Courses Included:

#1 Passive Leadership (Reg $59)

#2 Create a Yes Horse (Reg $59)

#3 Despook your horse (Reg $79)

‼️ Bonus Masterclass Reg $9.99

💥Regular Price: $206.99

🌟 This is our introductory special offer for a limited time - $37.99

Less than the cost of a regular lesson.

A total savings of $169

This limited-time offer is available only while this page is active – seize the opportunity before it's gone

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