Introduction to the Harmony Training Continuum

Welcome to the Harmony Training Continuum

Here you will find exercises to help you use the A, B, C's to really progress your partnership with your horse.

There are four phases of training in the continuum:

  1. Respect & Safety
  2. Calm Connection
  3. Create a Yes Horse
  4. Refinement

It is a continuum because your horse will slide to and from the stages depending on:

  • environment
  • athleticism
  • type of task
  • your skill level and confidence

For example when you travel to a show you may need to establish respect and safety again, but when at home you might be working on refined skills such as backing through obstacles, shoulder in, or multiple flying changes.

Each section will take you through different exercises to help you succeed. Depending on how your horse is feeling and reacting you can choose the best exercises to do and slide through the continuum depending on where your horse is at.

For example if you need to start with some respect and safety exercises, but then as your horse becomes calm you can do exercises for connection and perhaps move into refinement all within one session. If sometime startles your horse you may have to slide back down the continuum to establish calm connection again.

Use what you've learnt throughout the course to help you figure out what exercises will suit you and your horse best.

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