Getting Started: Before you begin, read this!

Thank you for joining this trick training course!

I hope you enjoy this and have some fun with your horse.

There are a couple things I need to mention before you start training tricks to your horse:

  • Before you try to teach your horse anything, it is important your horse is in a 'green' state. Meaning they are in a calm alert frame of mind. Horses and people can't learn anything new if they are anxious, scared, lethargic, or not in a frame of mind of being calm and alert. If your horse is 'red' high energy state, you can do the square or S pattern calm connection exercises . If your horse is in a 'yellow' state which means really low energy, you can try some Boomerang, or 360 with a Twist Calm connection exercises to help get your horse green. You can learn Calm Connection exercises in the Harmony Horsemanship 101 course.
  • Safety, safety, safety. Remeber this is a guide of how I train my horses. Your horse is unique and your environment is unique. Make sure you are in a safe space, that you are aware of your horse and surrondings. Use props that will be safe for your horse. For example when playing fetch, don't use a small cloth that your horse could accidentally swallow, or for smile anything your horse is allergic too. As well for a reward, use a treat or reward that is safe and appropriate for your horse.
  • Choose a 'yes' word and remember to be consistent so that your horse hears this word and instantly knows they have done the behaviour correctly.
  • We recommend your horse knows their ABCs, this can help prevent your horse from potentially defaulting to these tricks. So it is important you share a useful language of cues for movement's such as forwards, backwards, neutral, up, down, sideways, haunches, and forehand movements. If you don't already have cues for other movements, you can learn the ABCs for both riding and ground in the Harmony Horsemanship 101 Course.
  • Have fun! Keep it simple and fun for your horse. End the trick training session when it is still fun for both you and your horse. Progress a little bit each session and then you will be pros at these tricks. If you expect perfection the first time, you'll probably frustrate and confuse your horse.

Thank you for joining me - I hope you enjoy this,


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