Follow a journey to a much deeper connection and understanding of each other - A Former Racehorse straight off the track being restarted with NO TOOLS.

A Full Restart Without Any Equipment, Ropes, Whips, Halters Chasing or Intimidation - a Liberty Restart that is all about developing understanding and trust using body language.

We mean teaching the horse to...

✅ Follow you

✅ Clear cues for asking the horse to pivot, sideways, back, and more

✅ Stand calmly at the mounting block

✅ Riding, walk, trot, canter, steering circles, back up, and standing still patiently

All with NO

❌ Halter

❌ Lead Rope

❌ Neck Rope

❌ Round Pen

❌ Whip

❌ Bridle

❌ Saddle

Have you ever wondered how a partnership can be developed without any traditional training tools?

This level of connection and understanding does exist.

Horses straight from the racetrack are known for being fast, athletic, and reactive - it is very common that people think you need a lip chain, to lunge them, or definitely a bit.

Lindsey shows you that isn't the case.

Follow the journey step by step, with each session captured for you to learn, watch, and enjoy the transformation - from reactive, spooky, and distant to connected, eager to learn, and riding walk, trot, and canter.

I Dreamed of Playing with My OTTB's at Liberty

But open spaces, on the beach, open fields, seemed out of reach.

For years I tried and for years I failed. 

I was a successful horse trainer and competitor… I could even ride my horse bridleless. But liberty was out of my grasp - I could do the basics and get my horse to follow me. The hard part was open spaces, grass as a distraction, or liberty circles and canter. 

I spent years learning from “the best of the best."

I still didn’t accomplish my liberty goals, and what’s worse is I felt like I made things worse.

I Knew I Had to Change Something

I decided to drop everything I thought I knew about liberty training and try my own Liberty restart. Experiment with taking away the tools and confinement. I called it the OTTB Liberty Restart. 

Enter Wally, a recently retired Thoroughbred racehorse.

When I met him for the first time he was everything I didn’t want in my first liberty restart project - he was full of the zoomies, he was dominant and backing his butt up to other horses in stalls threatening to kick them, and seemed very mouthy and bitey.

Learning More About Myself, My Horse The Language that Connects Us

I didn’t know what to expect. We used my large arena and literally no whips, no halter, no ropes, and not even a neck rope. 

By session 15 we could ride walk/trot figure 8 patterns, rode inside/outside, and offsite. It truly was remarkable. 

Since then I have been testing the Harmony at Liberty technique on many different types of horses and hundreds of students - the results have been incredible.

What our Students Have to Share

Amazed with Her OTTB

I have learned so much from Lindsey and apply her teachings to my work with my OTTB and he is starting to do some amazing things...Harmony Horsemanship is an AMAZING thing to be apart of. I look forward to unlocking more of the programs as we advance together!" Amanda

OTTB Liberty

"I just need to say how impressed I am how well Harlow (my OTTB gelding) is taking to this liberty. He’s enjoying it so much and doing so well. (I mean we are not perfect by any means but wow)" Stephanie Alexander

Rescue Horse Achievements

I was introduced to Harmony Horsemanship when I rescued a defensive shut down pony...HH changed his life…I am not a trainer or someone who had alot of experience with green horses and let me tell you...if you take the time and open your mind to a different way you will achieve great things" Angie Reynolds

Wally's Journey

Enter King & Denali

Since Wally, I have done a brief restart with OTTB Denali & a full restart with OTTB King since January 2022.

King completed an incredible restart and the series focuses on his complete transformation - every session captured, explained, and shows the progression including up to walk, trot, and canter.
He then transitioned to a saddle and neck rope and ended up Freestyle Champion at the Thoroughbred Transformation Expo in Florida 2022.

The WOW Factor

  • See Wally, King & Denali as former racehorses being trained with NO halter, rope, or whips... and the training actually works
  • See step by step how this level of connection and understanding really is possible.
  • On Session 8, King does his first ride with Lindsey
  • Within 15 sessions Wally can ride walk/trot around a ring & go offsite to ride bridleless
  • Lifetime access to all videos

What is Harmony Horsemanship?

Founded by Lindsey Partridge in fall of 2015, Harmony Horsemanship combines years of studying with top professionals, reviewing science and evidence based training methods, as well as Lindsey’s decades of personal experience.

Tested upon thousands of horses & humans including wild mustangs, “problem horses”, & former race horses.

Developed with a desire to take away the notion that adding more pressure to get what you want is the best way to teach horses. Instead Harmony Horsemanship uses fewer tools, passive leadership, and promotes learning to understand yourself, your horse and the language that connects you. 

We inspire you to do more with less.

Who Is Lindsey Partridge?

Lindsey Partridge is a global leader in equine relationships, trusted by Professional & Olympic riders

Lindsey is the founder of Harmony Horsemanship™.

She is...

  • multiple time international champion at both Thoroughbred & Mustang makeovers, 
  • a horse trainer for feature films (such as Unbridled, &
  • holds many international titles for western & jumping disciplines.

She has been called ‘Canada’s Horse Whisperer’ by the Toronto Star and ‘The Queen of Thoroughbreds’ by The Rider.

She is a Horse Human Relationship Expert

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